Crash bars for Kawasaki z 750


Sport motorcycles attract special attention from lots of the fans of this means of transport. Their stylish design matches with high speeds perfectly, which makes these models really popular.

While choosing the right model you won’t leave the famous brand Kawasaki without your attention, and if you will decide on this company, take care of additional protection immediately. Motorcycle crash bars are the only variant.



Motorcycle highway bar – necessity for any road

It’s a pity, but the factory assembling doesn’t usually provide motorcycles’ main units with needed protection from falls and damage. So, there is most likely no need to talk for too long about high prices for new details, especially if original (branded) ones are being used.

Motorcycle engine bars are relatively simple and affordable alternative for any similar expenses. Construction is being applied to the body of the motorcycle with minimum effort and doesn’t cause any problems during the ride.

There are several modifications of this device. Some of them are being used for protection of body elements or important force units. There are also models, which provide the full protection of the vehicle.

On our site there are bike crash guards only of our own manufacturing. During the development phase all the details were being considered, in order not only to provide the safety, but also not to ruin the design of the motorcycle. We guarantee quick delivery, best prices and highest quality.

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