Crash bars for Suzuki inazuma GW 250(GSR 250)


Suzuki are believed to be one of the most suitable for street traffic. Not only safety and perfect controllability catches the eye, but also bright expressive design.

Thanks to these advantages, these motorcycles are being often purchased for driving in the city. Of course, it’s extremely easy to damage motorcycle in town, that’s why it is necessary to take care about motorcycle’s protection beforehand.



Why is crash guard the best protection?

What is the main requirement for good motorcycle protection? It should not just take the main hit in case of problem (since it is much cheaper to change than to buy new details), but also not destroy the appearance of the apparat.

On our site only bike crash bars of our own manufacturing can be found. We keep all the requests from drivers in mind and develop only best solutions.

Advantages of our protection:

  1. Easy assembling.
  2. Solidity of the construction.
  3. Perfect fitting of the forms of crash bar for body of the motorcycle

In our catalog you will find motorcycle protection bars for the majority of popular models from brand “Suzuki”. We deliver every order with maximum speed to any country. We are waiting for your application, too!

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