Crash bars for Honda africa twin 750 rd (03-04)


Usually, even if motorcyclist has already bought the motorcycle only for city trips, sooner or later he or she will be attracted to distant travel. Familiar streets annoy and a wish for new sensations appears.

A lot of them already have available a luggage compartment intended for transportation of small freights, serious constructions aren’t required for city needs. If you are going to conquer new highways far away from home, it is necessary to be completed with reliable motorcycle luggage system.



How do motorcycle engine bars protect?

This mechanism is made for taking the major side hits. Main advantage is that it is much cheaper to change bike crash guard than fully repair motorcycle.

Externally added motorcycle protection bars are almost unnoticeable on the motorcycle. While producing we try to copy the curves of the motorcycle’s body as much as possible, so that protection doesn’t stand out too much, and the well-planned design isn’t ruined.

Even a person with little experience will cope with montage of motorcycle engine guard protectors. You just need to pick the right model type of protection for your motorcycle, and then torque a few bolts.

Our online store offers production of our own manufacturing, so that we are fully sure about its quality. It is really safe protection, which will save you from unpredictability of tomorrow. Fill out an application and get convinced of it yourself!

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