Luggage system for Honda transalp xl 650


Usually, even if motorcyclist has already bought the motorcycle only for city trips, sooner or later he or she will be attracted to distant travel. Familiar streets annoy and a wish for new sensations appears.

A lot of them already have available a luggage compartment intended for transportation of small freights, serious constructions aren’t required for city needs. If you are going to conquer new highways far away from home, it is necessary to be completed with reliable motorcycle luggage system.



Each motorcyclist takes many things for a trip. Obviously, they need to be transported somewhere. Various road trunks were for this purpose are developed. They can be soft or rigid, but they fasten equally on motorcycle luggage system.

This design consists of a luggage carrier and a framework under wardrobe trunks. On the top part the biggest bag is fixed, and on a framework two smaller are fixed. In the sum it turns out to 80 liters of useful space that will be quite enough for comfortable storage of all necessary.

Motorcycle luggage system allows prolonging the term of operation of luggage bags significantly. Especially it concerns lateral fastenings; after it all trunks will be frayed about wheels or burned on the exhaust pipe.

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