Pannier frame for Suzuki v strom dl 650


Suzuki company is famous first of all for its sport motorcycles. These are some of the best models, perfectly suitable for driving in city. But what to do, if the owner wants to make a long journey on his motorcycle?

Any Suzuki model can be additionally equipped for comfortable transportation of personal belongings, without which a few days’ trip is unimaginable. One of such types of motorcycle body kit is motorcycle pannier rack design.



Why is motorcycle trunk rack a necessity?

Many of those, who have already tried to travel with a backpack, will say, that this is not the most comfortable variant of transportation while travelling on the sport motorcycle. And especially not the most capacious one.

For sport motorcycle Suzuki the only solution possible is baggage compartment and pannier frame. If the right luggage trunks will be purchased, it’s possible to get more than 100 liters of useful space, which is certainly enough for luggage of one or two travelers.

Motorcycle soft luggage rack is being attached to the body of the motorcycle additionally; in the factory assembling it is missing. All that is required from you is an appropriate instrument and a bit of time. The process of assembling itself is absolutely easy.

Are you planning a journey on your Suzuki? Our Internet shop will provide everything needed, including motorcycle side luggage rack as well. You can get from us a full consultation and maximally competent service. We are waiting for your order and are ready to send it to any country around the world!



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