Pannier frame for Yamaha xt 660 X/R


Fans of motorcycles from “Yamaha” company have always noticed unique characteristics of their production, especially in sport versions. The producer took notice of everything, including speeding possibilities and well-planned design.

At the same time, a big disadvantage for many people is full absence of adaptation for journeys in factory assembling. Someone purchases motorcycle for travelling within city, but someone else might love to wander around other places, too. If you put your faith into Japanese quality from Yamaha, but also want to travel on a sport bike, motorcycle side rack should be purchased.



Motorcycle soft luggage rack – comfortable addition for travelling

The main way of expanding carrying capacity of the motorcycle is montaging side luggage trunks. You can buy a full baggage compartment set or complete the luggage compartment you already have.

For correct and safe fixing of side luggage trunks a pannier rack is needed. The purpose of this construction is secure attaching of the baggage trunks to the body, not disturbing the driver at the meantime.

Additional baggage trunks are needed, if there is a long trip laying ahead of you. The main luggage compartment won’t afford the cargo capacity needed, and additional 40 liters will never be excess!

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