Center stands for Suzuki freewind XF 650


Many people buy motorcycles not only as a hobby, but also use it as a daily vehicle. The main advantage – maneuverability in city conditions. You can quickly reach in any point of the city in the shortest time.

While having so many advantages, an easy parking can become the main problem for user. Especially problem with the parking are faced by motorcycles without motorcycle center stand, and then it is necessary just to lay it down on asphalt.



Center stand is a small element under the motorcycle bottom. While reaching a route point, the driver unsnaps a device and rolls away the motorcycle back. The back wheel is lifted over the earth, and all weight of the device is distributed between a forward wheel and center stand.

To provide the maximum durability of a product, producer uses only the best steel. The main guarantee of reliability consists in the special motorcycle main stand form. Wrapped up metal has significantly the big durability therefore the main stand is made by this technology.

The main advantage of bike center stand price against alternative decisions is in simplicity of use. If a driver wants to get on motorcycle, he won’t even need to use force. Just push it forward and the footboard will appear on a place by itself.

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