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What's there for my motorcycle?

Do you want to protect the motorcycle and prepare it for distant travel?

It is rare to find at least one motorcycle that has not seen a fall during exploitation. Most often, these falls do not entail physical damage to the owner, but it costs a pretty penny.

Excellent solution is simple painting after falling. Yes, it is expensive, but not as much as replacement of different parts. If you want to save the motorcycle, it is necessary to use additional protective elements.

It is especially important to think about protection if you are going to travel on the motorcycle. Already planning your trip? We recommend you to think of comfortable placement of baggage in advance.

How can our online store help?

For protection of the most known sports motorcycles brands, the wide choice of protective arches is presented in our catalog. This rather graceful, thus reliable solution of own production.

Protective arches are mounted to motorcycle sides, practically merging with a general view of the case. It’s hard to tell that initially they weren't here before. The main advantage of this design — reception of all blow on itself. If necessary replacing of an arch is simpler and cheaper than other spare parts.

While talking about preparation for travel, our online store can offer you luggage carriers and a framework under wardrobe trunks. You will be able to fix a complete set a wardrobe trunk comfortably and its volume will be enough for long-term trips.

Thanks to such body kits, the lifetime of the case is significantly extended. The fabric or leather is not erased on the wheels, not burned because of the exhaust pipes. Also, these are truly reliable solutions that guarantee safe delivery.

Only the best products and fast delivery

Do you want to receive desirable goods for the motorcycle quickly? Checkout in our online store! We try to send purchase as fast as possible all over the world and to please the client with the best quality and the good prices. We are waiting for your request.

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f 650 gs(dakar)

Motorcycle crash bars — necessary acquisition for the motorcycle

Motorcycle owning isn't just simple feeling of freedom from the world around. The driver has to realize completely all responsibility for safety of the passenger, himself and all motorcycle.

Even for supporters of a moderate driving there are no guarantees that the dangerous situation won't arise on somebody’s fault. You and the motorcycle have to be ready for any turning of events therefore you shouldn't save on purchase of crash bar.

  • How does engine guard protect?

    All secret is covered in a place of fastening and a form of a product. Motorcycle engine bars is made out of the strong pipes which are tightly fastened on each side of the motorcycle. In case of collisions, especially lateral, protection accepts a main blow and kinetic loading.

    For different models of motorcycles different forms of a bend of pipes are used. If you are the fan of classics, then designs will be rather wide. They don't spoil appearance of the motorcycle at all and even supplement it. Of course forms of product for sports models repeat case bends not to create additional resistance and not to spoil design.

    Main tasks of bike crash guard:

    1. To accept hitting from side collisions;
    2. To save expensive elements of the case and propulsion;
    3. To preserve the driver's feet and legs against injuries at accidents and falling;
    4. To facilitate lifting the crashed motorcycle.

    While buying a motorcycle crash guard, you can protect yourself from the enormous expenses for the recovering and restoration of damaged nodes in the event of a motor vehicle accident. More often than not, replacing a crash bar will cost significantly less than replacing expensive original parts.

    Оur online shop represents crash bars on any model of the most famous brands of sports motorcycles. You will easily find goods you are interested in according to the catalog and if you have any difficulties, just contact us in any comfortable for way! We are waiting for your request.


Pannier frames motorcycle – the best decision for long distance trips

There is a certain category of people who can’t imagine their life without long trips on the motorcycle. For them, the «iron horse» becomes a really true friend who helps to visit all countries easily.

If you are planning similar travel, have to understand the approximate volume of necessary things you need. The main problem —how to carry them? It is possible to manage a luggage carrier on small distances, but for longer distances it is necessary to establish pannier rack.

  • Why motorcycle pannier rack is necessary?

    We usually take a set of things, sometimes there is no free space in a standard luggage carrier. In addition motorcyclists buy in extra lateral trunks or pair bags.

    Usually when you want to fix lateral trunks, motorbike pannier rack is bought. The trunks are attached to this design to avoid contact with the wheel and exhaust pipe. Thanks to a back arrangement, bags don't disturb the driver and the passenger at all.

    Is it possible to be without motorcycle side rack? Yes, but in that case, both bags will significantly quicker become useless. Continuous contact with the turning wheel spoils fabric that will lead to emergence of the first holes. Also, if bags are rather big it is impossible to avoid contact with hot mufflers that also reduces usage term.

    Where can you buy motorcycle side luggage rack?

    Online shop is ready to offer moto racks on all models of the most popular sports brands. We offer one of the most available configurations, thus keeping the best quality. We don’t save on materials and have only professional installation. We are waiting for your request and are ready to order it all over the world!


Central stand motorcycle — convenient addition for daily usage

Many people buy motorcycles not only as a hobby, but also use it as a daily vehicle. The main advantage – maneuverability in city conditions. You can quickly reach in any point of the city in the shortest time.

While having so many advantages, an easy parking can become the main problem for user. Especially problem with the parking are faced by motorcycles without motorcycle center stand, and then it is necessary just to lay it down on asphalt.

  • How does motorbike center stand look like and why it is necessary?

    Center stand is a small element under the motorcycle bottom. While reaching a route point, the driver unsnaps a device and rolls away the motorcycle back. The back wheel is lifted over the earth, and all weight of the device is distributed between a forward wheel and center stand.

    To provide the maximum durability of a product, producer uses only the best steel. The main guarantee of reliability consists in the special motorcycle main stand form. Wrapped up metal has significantly the big durability therefore the main stand is made by this technology.

    The main advantage of bike center stand price against alternative decisions is in simplicity of use. If a driver wants to get on motorcycle, he won't even need to use force. Just push it forward and the footboard will appear on a place by itself.

    Do you want to order main stand motorcycle?

    Our online shop catalogue includes be ez up center stand for all models of modern sports motorcycles. All you need is to make an order, and we will send it to any country!

Central steps

Motorcycle luggage rack — obligatory for long trips!

Many people get the motorcycle only for trips across the territory of the city. It is quite enough for them to ride for work and back home and on small affairs or just go for a ride.

Also there are inveterate motorcycles travelers. Such trips really help to distract from household difficulties, and, above all, give the chance to get acquainted with something new. Of course, such actions demand existence of motorcycle trunk rack.

  • What is motorcycle rear rack?

    Motorcycle back rack represents a small welded metal construction. Thanks to placement behind a seat, the even loaded motorcycle top rack doesn't disturb the driver that is very practical on distant trips.

    This design consists of convenient and reliable fixing of things and the baggage necessary for you on travel. It is possible to fix things directly on a luggage carrier or to get an additional case that will precisely guarantee safety of all stuff. Such cases are locked on a key but nobody else can open it.

    If you are looking for universal motorcycle luggage rack, we strongly recommend you to reconsider this decision. These models don't suit perfectly under different models of motorcycles and the transportation isn’t always reliable. It is better to choose a luggage carrier due to the adaptation to models of brands, then definitely you won't mistake.

    Our online store presents luggage carriers for the motorcycle under all most popular brands. We are sure that the sports motorcycle can be not only fast, but also functional. It is easier for travelling, without limiting itself to a distance!

Luggage system for Honda transalp xl 650

Motorcycle luggage system – necessity for distant travel

Usually, even if motorcyclist has already bought the motorcycle only for city trips, sooner or later he or she will be attracted to distant travel. Familiar streets annoy and a wish for new sensations appears.

A lot of them already have available a luggage compartment intended for transportation of small freights, serious constructions aren't required for city needs. If you are going to conquer new highways far away from home, it is necessary to be completed with reliable motorcycle luggage system.

  • What is motorcycle luggage system?

    Each motorcyclist takes many things for a trip. Obviously, they need to be transported somewhere. Various road trunks were for this purpose are developed. They can be soft or rigid, but they fasten equally on motorcycle luggage system.

    This design consists of a luggage carrier and a framework under wardrobe trunks. On the top part the biggest bag is fixed, and on a framework two smaller are fixed. In the sum it turns out to 80 liters of useful space that will be quite enough for comfortable storage of all necessary.

    Motorcycle luggage system allows prolonging the term of operation of luggage bags significantly. Especially it concerns lateral fastenings; after it all trunks will be frayed about wheels or burned on the exhaust pipe.

    On our online store pages you will find the best solutions. Every good is made in a full accordance with technical requirements and guarantee reliability of fastening. We process orders very fast and send them to any country all over the world. Make the order and wait for the delivery message!

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