Pannier frames for Honda transalp xl 700


Japanese motorcycles are being liked by many because of their perfect price and quality correlation. One of the most significant representatives of this market segment is “Honda” company with its motorcycle department.

The main problem in process of choosing model from “Honda” is its little suitability for long journeys. Fans of such tourism always need to carry a lot of luggage, which requires additional place on the motorcycle. So, how can Honda be adapted for such purposes?



Additional pair of pannier rack

This easy solution is optimal for defined requirements. It combines:

  1. Easy assembling
  2. Suitable appearance
  3. Secure fixing
  4. Sufficient load capacity

In our catalog there are only motorcycle pannier rack of our own producing. They are perfectly suitable for defined models, that’s why they are being fixed safely and don’t disturb the driver during the riding.

Thanks to motorcycle soft luggage rack you can fix additional side baggage trunks with maximal comfort; these trunks will add at least 40 liters of efficient capacity.

Making an order on our site, you can not only get it in any country around the world, but you also choose the best solution for optimal price. We do our best to offer you full consulting about any type of question, so that you have no remaining doubts about deciding on our company!

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