For different models of motorcycles different forms of a bend of pipes are used. If you are the fan of classics, then designs will be rather wide.

They don't spoil appearance of the motorcycle at all and even supplement it. Of course forms of product for sports models repeat case bends not to create additional resistance and not to spoil design.

We usually take a set of things, sometimes there is no free space in a standard luggage carrier. In addition motorcyclists buy in extra lateral trunks or pair bags.

Usually when you want to fix lateral trunks, motorbike pannier rack is bought. The trunks are attached to this design to avoid contact with the wheel and exhaust pipe. Thanks to a back arrangement, bags don't disturb the driver and the passenger at all.

To provide the maximum durability of a product, producer uses only the best steel. The main guarantee of reliability consists in the special motorcycle main stand form. Wrapped up metal has significantly the big durability therefore the main stand is made by this technology.

It is rare to find at least one motorcycle that has not seen a fall during exploitation. Most often, these falls do not entail physical damage to the owner, but it costs a pretty penny.

Excellent solution is simple painting after falling. Yes, it is expensive, but not as much as replacement of different parts. If you want to save the motorcycle, it is necessary to use additional protective elements.

How can our online store help?

For protection of the most known sports motorcycles brands, the wide choice of protective arches is presented in our catalog. This rather graceful, thus reliable solution of own production.

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