Pannier frame for Aprilia Pegasso 650


It is believed between motorcycle enthusiasts, that sport models are badly adapted for travelling and it is better to take notice of more suitable ones. But, with slight modernization, sport motorcycles will become a perfect variant, combining speed and carrying capacity.

Italian brand “Aprilia” produces some of the most stylish, and at the same time powerful motorcycles. They demonstrate themselves on the road perfectly, and our online store will help you to reach with them any place on the map!



Pannier frames motorcycle – a must-have for moto-travelling

Many are being stopped from travelling on the motorcycle due to the limited opportunity of luggage fixing. Usually only one baggage compartment is being assembled for luggage up to 70 liters. Sometimes it isn’t enough even for one person, let alone for more travelers.

Purchase of motorcycle pannier rack will let you to noticeably increase the effective capacity. Usually, a pair of bags (20 liters each) are being fixed. Such addition affords to take with you everything needed for one or two travelers.

The main advantage of pannier frame is the most comfortable for the driver disposition of everything needed. No bag will be disturbing legs or driving process in general, which will positively contribute to the safety of the travel.

Any order in our Internet shop is being processed and sent as fast as possible. We work with all countries and now motorcycle side rack of high quality is accessible for everyone!

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